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CAU 2018 General Assembly Report San Francisco

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General Assembly Report CAU 2018 San Francisco

During the congress of the AUA held in San Francisco California, on Saturday, May 19, 2018, the General Assembly of the CAU was held, with the participation of all the presidents or delegates of the societies or associations that make up the CAU, as well as like most of the coordinators of working groups, directors of the offices, and the CAU academy.

The General Secretary, Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez Aceves, informed the assembly about the vision that the Executive Committee has regarding the future of the organization, the challenges that have arisen and the achievements obtained during this administration.

The mission of the CAU is “Promoting and facilitating the education of urology in Latin America”. The commitment of the Board of Directors is to improve the quality of education in urology and promote education in an equal manner throughout Latin America.

CAU International presence

  • Congress of the European Association of Urology
    EAU / CAU Symposium
    CAU Conference (Plenary Session)
  • Congress of the American Association of Urology
    AUA / CAU Symposium (Plenary Session)
    CAU New Magisterial Conference
  • SIU Congress (Plenary Session)
    CAU Magistral Conference

CAU International Agreements
Mutual Understanding Agreements

  • European Association of Urology UAE:
    CAUREP (Resident Course of the European School of Urology)
    Participation of UAE Teachers in CAU congress (4)
  • American Association of Urology
    AUA News, monthly publication in Spanish
    Participation of Teachers of AUA in congresses CAU (4) New
    Courses Workshops CAU / AUA Nuevo
  • International Society of Urology SIU
    SIU conference at the CAU congress

CAU / AUA Workshop Courses

  • Pilot Project in Endourology
  • 5 Courses Workshops in Endourology / Year
  • Course Structure:
    • AUA: Financial Agreement with the Industry, Organization of the Program
    • CAU: Program Organization and Coordination with National Societies
    • National Societies: Course Logistics Organization
  • Program:
    • 1 day / half day: Conferences, Discussion, Debates
    • Half day: Hands-On Course / 10 tables (Flexible Ureteroscopy, Laser, Percutaneous Access)
  • Teachers:
    • 2 AUA, 2 CAU, 2 National Societies

CAU Research

  • Research Platform for Multicenter Studies PIEM New
    Provide support and profitability to Research projects through the storage and management of information (Databases).
  • Promote the realization of multicentric records and research “Unifying Media and Energy”.
  • The research platforms are decisive for the “Accreditation as a Health Research Institution” and as a means for “Obtaining aid in Research”.

What does PIEM CAU offer?

Find out how PIEM CAU works, click here .

The Treasurer, Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez, made a report of the 3 periods of his administration and showed clearly the good financial health of the CAU, based on fixed income generated during the CAU congresses and the membership of the affiliated societies or associations. the CAU; as well as diverse income by industry and technologies. He also reported the investment that has been made in scholarships, research, CAU symposiums in affiliated societies or associations and other areas.

At the beginning of its management in 2015, the CAU had $ 265,236.72 in its accounts, in the last balance it was observed that after two and a half years, $ 465,213.63 was available

The Vocal of scientific activities, Dr. José Manuel Cozar, made a presentation of the preliminary program that will be presented at the CAU 2018 Dominican Republic Congress.

The Internet Vocal, Dr. Marcelo Torrico, presented the platform of the new website, which has the idea of becoming a true educational tool, where CAU Education , a new segment that aims to keep our members permanently updated with the latest activities of our congresses, videos, educational classrooms, conferences in CAU line and publications

To access Cau Education click here .

On the other hand it is intended to have a virtual library so that our associates can have access to a database of 2,500 computer magazines, the EBSCO company has given us white gear so that our partners explore this site for 45 days. Based on the interest and number of visits, you can extend the visit without cost for another week, so we invite you to use it and give us your opinion.

Later we will do a survey to see the interest of the associates to have this updated information resource of magazines.

Do you want to know the library? Click here .

The head of the organization of CAU Bolivia 2017, Dr. Marcelo Torrico, made a detailed report of the results of the congress.

The academic, economic and organizational results were presented and the quality of the CAU Bolivia 2017 organization was highlighted

Then several elections were held according to the order of the day of the General Assembly
Dr. Ramón Rodríguez was responsible for the control of the different votes
The post of Treasurer of the CAU (Period 2018-2021), was won by Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez by a large majority.

The positions of coordinators of working groups were submitted to election and the following colleagues were chosen.

The headquarters of the CAU 2021 Congress was put to election. Lima-Peru, was chosen as the venue for the CAU 2021 congress

Finally, it was reported that it would be good to update the CAU logo. There will be an open competition to analyze in a next assembly the possible alternatives

Take Home Message

“CAU is for Everyone to continue making everyone a better and stronger CAU”

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