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About Congresses


1.1 The host country will be elected during the General Assembly of Delegates and the Board of Directors of the American Confederation of Urology, which will be held every two years during the corresponding Congress of the C.A.U.

1.2 The headquarters of the next two Congresses will also be approved.

1.3 The place of realization of the first immediate must be ratified or rectified.

1.4 A substitute seat will be chosen in case of impossibility that arises in the society originally commissioned.


2.1 Each host country will send to the Board of Directors of the American Confederation of Urology, the list of the Congress Organizing Committee for validation.

2.2 The Congress Organizing Committee must be composed of: a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer, as well as an academic committee, a finance committee, a press and propaganda committee and others that the same committee designates.

2.3 The Organizing Committee of the Congress is authorized to invite the personalities it deems appropriate, but not to establish international commitments with the Societies that affect the personality or economic interests of the American Confederation of Urology.

2.4 The President of the Organizing Committee will present to the Board of Administration of the American Confederation of Urology a scheme of the Congress with the critical route of the same for its validation.


3.1 The Congress program must be fully integrated 6 months before the start of the Congress.


4.1 Abstracts of accepted papers will be published in a special edition of the Congress.


5.1 Any type of written dissemination of the Congress must bring the legends alluding to the organizing bodies as follows:

a. American Confederation of Urology

b. Ibero-American Society of Pediatric Urology

c. Urology Society of the host country

5.2 The use of the logos of the first two organizations mentioned above is authorized. The Urology Society of the host country is free to authorize or not the use of its corresponding logo.


6.1 A minimum of 4 Congress announcements will be sent, including the job registration form that will be sent and the final date of receipt of the same.

6.2 the announcements will be sent periodically and with sufficient spaces between them.

6.3 The last notice must be published two months before the Congress.


7.1 The country elected as alternate seat during the Assembly of Delegates will take over the organization of the Congress when: – The host country can not hold the Congress in the following manner:
– political instability
– economic instability
– social instability
– The Council of the C.A.U. does not validate the critical route of the Congress
– The actions of the Organizing Committee affect the philosophy of C.A.U.

7.2 Once the sub ups of the country take the organization, must adhere to the Rules of the Congress.


8.1 Once all income and expenses have been broken down, the remaining amount will be divided as follows:
a. 50% for the American Confederation of Urology.
b. 40% for the Urology Society of the host country.
c. 10% for the Ibero-American Society of Pediatric Urology.


9.1 All the Contests, except the Urological Investigation Contest “Professor Dr. Antonio Puigvert”, will be coordinated by the Organizing Committee.

9.2 The participant of a contest can not be part of the qualifying jury. In case of being named in the wrong jury, your work will be canceled as contestant.


10.1. The first day of the Congress will be dedicated exclusively to the presentation of works on Pediatrics and will be coordinated by the Board of Directors of S.I.U.P.

10.2. The Organizing Committee will pay for the trip and stay of a guest selected by the Steering Committee of the S.I.U.P.

10.3. The S.I.U.P. You will receive 10% of the profits of the Congress, once the income and expenses are broken down.