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PIEM-CAU Platform

The main objective of the CAU Research Office is the development and dissemination of urological research in Ibero-America. Unfortunately to this day it is known that the research carried out in the Ibero-American sphere is fragmented. The publications that are available come from a few centers, with their own series, with short follow-up periods, etc. This great effort of a few groups, is diminished by the isolation of the researchers and fundamentally by the difficulty for the optimal collection of data, which results in a lack of control in the quality of the studies, therefore a palpable obstacle for the publication of these in high impact journals with international diffusion, thus reducing the possibility of obtaining aid for research projects by the centers.

Due to this, we have focused our efforts on finding a tool that facilitates the research process, which allows us to optimize the collection, storage and management of the information of the potential studies and also facilitate the development of multicentric or collaborative studies. it is a formula that gives solution to many of these aspects and provides the research groups with greater support and profitability of their initiatives. It is a well-established formula in Europe and North America, which is perfectly applicable to the Ibero-American sphere.

With this latent need and the objective of promoting research, the CAU initiative is the project to make the Research Platform for Multicenter Studies (PIEM-CAU) available to the Ibero-American urological community, with which it is possible to collaborate and contribution of this on the part of the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU).

  1. What is the Platform (PIEM-CAU)? It is an electronic data collection, storage and management platform that allows: 1) extraction, 2) data export (Excel, SPSS) and 3) data import from Excel, with the possibility of carrying out a descriptive analysis of the data inserted.
  2. What are the characteristics of the Platform (PIEM-CAU)? Accessibility to data (Portable PC, Tablet, IPhone), security (access keys with security levels), controllability (report of the status of the study), exportability of data for analysis (Excel, SPSS)
  3. What kind of studies can be introduced in the Platform (PIEM-CAU)? Surveys, bases of records (retrospectives), bases of records (prospective).
  4. How to access and use The Platform (PIEM-CAU)? Your employment will be coordinated by the CAU Research Office , it is available to all members as of February 2018: .

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