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Regulations of the Cau

  1. Honesty: Acting in an integral, congruent and truthful way to generate confidence and security in society with respect to actions.
  2. Social commitment: Act for the benefit of the Confederation, beyond private interests to contribute to the common good and development of the Confederates and member countries.
  3. Transparency: Reporting in a truthful, timely and effective way to generate confidence and certainty in the Confederates.
  4. Objectivity: Acting in a balanced manner, taking into account the facts, the situation and the information available to contribute to decision-making based on scientific and technical criteria.
  5. Inclusion: Consider the opinions of the different member societies to ensure that their needs are taken into account.
  6. Effectiveness: Carry out, in a responsible manner, the objectives and goals, optimizing the resources to comply with the statutes of the Confederation.
  1. Receive the diploma of individual member of the CAU.
  2. Participate in the scientific activities of the Confederation, enjoying the economic advantages granted
  3. Perform managerial and representative positions of the Confederation.
  4. Receive timely information from the CAU through its respective Societies / Associations.
  5. Access restricted areas of the CAU website for its members. Each member will have their password to access this service
  6. To apply for scholarships, prizes, post-graduate courses and seminars, continuing medical education, research and other benefits promoted by the CAU
  7. To be up-to-date in the quota with your Society / Association, which, in turn, must pay the CAU the fee stipulated by the Statute within the first four months of each year
  1. They will no longer be individual headline members:
  2. Members whose separation is proposed by the corresponding National Society / Association, for justified reasons.
  3. The totality of the members and National Societies / Associations that, without justifiable reason, failed to pay the fee indicated in article 4 of the Statutes, and for three consecutive years.
  4. Those who made a voluntary resignation in writing of their status as titular individual member of their Society / Association and officially notify the CAU

As the CAU is a Confederation of Societies / Associations, requests for the organization of a congress of the Confederation must come directly from the President and / or Board of Directors of the Society / Association of the opting country and, exceptionally, by one of the members of the Confederation. the Society / Association. In this case, the endorsement of its Board of Directors is required. The proponent of the host city will be the President of the Congress or Organizing Committee.

  1. The proposer must be present at the time of the election, which will take place during the Congress of the CAU. The request must be addressed to the Secretary General of the CAU, specifying the following requirements and one month in advance of the congress:
  2. The host city must be well communicated by air, sea or land.
    You must gather the hotel capacity and the necessary infrastructure to hold the event.
    The applicant must be up to date with its financial obligations with the CAU
  3. A substitute seat will be chosen, in the case of an impossibility arising in the Company originally chosen (due to political, economic or social instability). This substitute seat will automatically be the seat that comes second in the election, and its option will be without effect if the original headquarters fulfills its purpose. In case there is only one venue available, the Executive Committee of the CAU will choose a substitute site.
  4. The Executive Committee of the CAU is empowered, when it considers it appropriate to promote the CAU, to establish alliances to hold congresses, with another extra-Confederate society (example: SIU), to establish their respective economic pacts and / or in the same course, develop another activity of the CAU that is considered exceptional and clearly beneficial for the CAU.
  5. Any other interpretation that is not sufficiently clarified will be decided by the Executive Committee of the CAU.

a. The Organizing Committee will present periodic monthly reports to the Executive Committee of the CAU, on the progress of the Congress, and in a compulsory manner in each assembly, on the CAU website and in the electronic bulletin (Evolucau).

b. A minimum of three official announcements of the Congress will be sent:

  • The first announcing date, city, country and auditorium or congress palace that will host the congress.
  • The second pre-program, including date of registration, prices and hotels and official travel company, if any.
  • The third with the final program of the Congress, which must be published one month before its start, on the CAU website and in the electronic bulletin (Evolucau).

c. Any type of written dissemination of the Congress must provide the legends alluding to the organizing bodies as follows:

c.1 American Confederation of Urology (CAU)

c.2 Ibero-American Society of Pediatric Urology (SIUP)

c.3 Society / Urology Association of the host country.

d. The paper programs and the abstracts of the papers accepted for the congress will be published, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, and will be distributed to all attendees attending the Congress. In turn, the program and the summaries will be available on the CAU website.

e. The duration of the Congress will be a minimum of three days and a maximum of five.

f. The local Organizing Committee will assume the payment of the trip in economy class and the stay of a guest by the Steering Committee of the SIUP.

g. There will be a single registration fee and will be managed only and exclusively by the Organizing Committee of the local Society / Association and the CAU. Gains and losses will be assumed according to the percentage of Article 12 of the Statute.

h. The Organizing Committee of the congress is entitled to invite a maximum of six invited professors, financed by the local organizing committee (travel in economy class and corresponding stay). Any variation in this regard requires the express authorization of the Executive Committee of the CAU. Likewise, the local Organizing Committee of the Congress, will not be able to establish commitments with organizations and / or International Societies / Associations that are legal competences of the CAU or those actions that clearly affect the economic interests of the American Confederation of Urology.

i. All the competitions will be coordinated by the Organizing Committee, except for the urological research contest “Professor Doctor Antonio Puigvert” which will be coordinated by the Director of the Urology Service of the Fundació Puigvert. The participant of a contest could not be part of the qualifying jury. The Executive Committee of the CAU has the power to give priority to the publication of the awarded works.

j. The Organizing Committee may request a cash advance from the CAU to start its work. This advance will have a maximum limit of USD $ 25,000 and will be returned once the balance of the Congress has been finalized.

k. The CAU congresses will be held, preferably from June to November, both inclusive of each year. Any other date requires the express authorization of the Executive Committee of the CAU.

l. The Organizing Committee will finance the expenses of the Executive Committee of the CAU, including registration, social activities, hotel and passage in economic rate.

m. Retirement members over 65 years of age and members of the Academy of the American Confederation of Urology are exempt from registration, as well as registration, the social activities of the Congress will be included.

n. In the event of organizational discrepancies in any of the activities scheduled for the congress, the final decision will correspond to the Executive Committee of the CAU.

a. It will meet in ordinary session on the occasion of the Congresses of the CAU. The Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the CAU may also call a General Assembly, on the occasion of other congresses, such as the annual congress of the AUA, to ensure the functioning of the CAU.

b. The General Assembly will be the sovereign entity of the CAU and should have knowledge of all the activities of the CAU. It will be chaired by the Secretary General and the Executive Committee of the CAU.

c. The minutes of the previous meeting will be submitted for approval.

d. The report will be presented that gathers the adivities of the Executive Committee of the CAU, with their respective reports:

  • Of the Secretary General.
  • Treasury, on the statement of accounts and balance sheet
  • Of the Vocal of Internet and telecommunications.
  • Of the Vocal of scientific activities, publications and congresses.
  • Of the President of the Organizing Committee, if required.

e. In the Assembly the venues of the congresses will be elected.

f. In each ordinary or extraordinary General Assembly, the posts / convocations that have become vacant or that are proposed shall be designated by direct election, in person (not delegable) and secret, by the members with the right to vote.

g. Each voter may vote only once, even if he has the right to more votes.

h. The Secretary and the Vice-Secretary of the CAU will guard the votes and guarantee their legitimacy, until the end of the voting.

i. The Executive Committee of the CAU, will decide the convenience or not of granting five minutes for the exhibition of the candidates. The titular individual members of the Societies / Associations that make up the CAU may be nominated as candidates for any office of the CAU. The request must be made personally by the candidate to the Secretary General of the CAU, thirty days before the beginning of the voting, stating:

  • Name and surname of the applicant
  • Society to which it belongs
  • Position to which you choose
  • Be up to date on your membership fee
  • A written endorsement from your Society / Association
  • Brief summary of your Curriculum Vitae

Whoever achieves the simple majority will be chosen. Candidates must be present at the Assembly, unless a justified excuse is justified by the Secretary General of the CAU.

j. If there are no candidates the Executive Committee of the CAU, will have the power to choose, to avoid gaps in the functions of the charges.

The CAU will have a unique and permanent administrative headquarters to centralize its operations and serve as a reference to its partners. This headquarters can be independent or associated and shared with some of the national societies that make up the Confederation. The administrative headquarters, as its name indicates, will have only administrative functions, and from no point of view, deliberative. The permanent headquarters, allows to have more fluid relations between all the parties involved, and considerably reduces all the general costs. The Executive Committee of the CAU, will be responsible for convening at the time the different Societies / Associations that make up the CAU for the election of the headquarters. Once the headquarters has been designated or if no consensus is reached between the different Societies / Associations, the Executive Committee of the CAU will submit the corresponding proposal to the General Assembly, which may, by simple majority, either ratify the elected one or choose a new. The duration of the contract will be ten years, renewable if its development and service have been satisfactory for the CAU.

All the Societies / Scientific Associations that are members of the CAU and choose to have a shared headquarters must meet the following requirements:

a. The Society / Association of the country that wants to share its headquarters with the CAU, must request it in writing to the Secretary General of the CAU, at least 30 days before the date of the election.

b. The shared headquarters city must have an international airport and be well connected with the rest of the countries.

c. The headquarters of the shared CAU, must have at least two offices to house the two Secretariats, the Administrative and the Economic-financial and their corresponding files. It will be positively valued that the host company / association owns the premises.

d. The Administrative Secretariat will have among its functions:

  • Assist the Executive Committee of the CAU, call meetings, be in contact with all of them and disclose all the information indicated.
  • Support the Offices and Working Groups of the CAU.
  • Update the addresses of the Executive Committee, Presidents of the Confederate Societies / Associations, of the Offices and Work Groups and members of the CAU.
  • Control, maintain and update the database of all members.
  • Take all the official invitations that are required.
  • Notify, follow and prepare the awards ceremony in the institutional act of the Congress.
  • Register the correspondence and give a diligent response to the associate, etc.
  • Improve communication among the members of the CAU.
  • Increase the services that the CAU provides to its members.
  • Coordinate and / or prepare and edit the CAU electronic bulletin (Evolucau), the paper newsletter (CAU Today) and the CAU website.

e. The Economic-Financial Secretariat will have among its functions:

  • Increase the results of CAU benefits.
  • The Monitoring and collection of the fees of the members and Societies / Associations that make up the CAU, and the issuance of invoices.
  • Convene and assist the Executive Committee and the General Board in the assemblies or meetings held at the Congress of the AUA, reserving, renting and assisting the Meeting Rooms, audiovisual media and hotels that are required, taking all the invitations that are specified.
  • Be in contact with the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry to channel sponsors for the CAU.
  • Prepare reports on the economic-financial activities of income and expenses of the CAU, among others:

1. Comprehensive cost of the CAU, punctual payments, etc.
2. Cost savings in the work of Secretary.
3. Knowledge and management of contracting services.
4. Design and implement the sustainability strategy of the CAU.

f. Human team:

  • The staff that is part of both secretariats, should have extensive knowledge and experience in each of the branches of the Secretariats.
  • The team should preferably be young and dynamic.
  • It must be fully integrated in applications and new technologies, internet, office operation with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Must interact with all types of providers.
  • You must know the English, spoken and written language, in addition to Spanish and it will be valued as a plus in Portuguese.
  • Must be available for travel, when the Executive Committee needs it.
  • The Executive Committee of the CAU, together with the Board of Directors of the country / headquarters will agree on the appropriate economic conditions for the full development of the activities of the CAU Secretariat, depending on the cost of the market of the chosen country, equipping them with the means necessary to optimize said work.
  • The administrative headquarters will have the registered office of the Society / Association of Urology of the country that has been chosen.
  • All the staff of the host Secretariats will depend on the Executive Committee of the CAU and the Board of Directors of the Host Society / Association, corresponding, in case of organizational discrepancies, the final decision to the Executive Committee of the CAU.

Unforeseen or insufficiently foreseen in this regulation, will be resolved by the Executive Committee of the CAU.

The new regulation is approved and registered. The previous ones are repealed.
Regulations approved in Santiago, Chile on September 8, 2010

In the event that the Members or Coordinators of the Working Groups proposed and elected by the outgoing Main Council, could not or would not accept the position for which they were elected, they will cease in their position, for just cause, or vacancies will occur. before the end of its mandate, the Executive Board may, in order to maintain the activity of the board or working group, fill said vacancy until the final election by the General Meeting.

  • SIUP will pay USD 10, without limitation on the number of members, for members that do not belong to national scientific societies and are members of SIUP.
  • It will have three days in total of congress: a plenary room and a room of posters.
  • A pre-congress course (when it exists for this).
  • Simultaneous translation.
  • Two foreign guests, one paid by CAU according to article N ° 5 letter F of the regulation and one paid by SIUP (half of the sum of the expenses of the two for each of the companies).
  • SIUP will receive the monies of the congresses according to article N ° 12 of the statutes.
  • Balance and payments within a period of no more than one year, once the congress ends.
  • Representation in the CAU directory; SIUP President and Pediatric Coordinator (both entitled to vote).
  • The coordinator of Pediatrics when it is changed or chosen, is a proposal of SIUP.
  • The coordinator of Pediatrics will be integrated into the organizing committee of the congress.