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Sponsorship of activities

  1. The sponsorship of the American Confederation of Urology (CAU), allows to grant certain activities the endorsement of the CAU to guarantee an adequate level of contents. The CAU will be able to sponsor those scientific activities that it considers opportune according to the established norm, Courses, Meetings, Congresses, Symposiums, Books and any other scientific material that you consider suitable and of scientific interest for urologists and for society in general.
  2. Those activities that, through a request to the Central Office of the CAU, will be evaluated and awarded with the “Auspice of the CAU” will be considered activities sponsored by the CAU. The sponsorship is understood as an anagram or mark of excellence granted by the CAU, to those activities that it considers of interest for the fulfillment of the aims and objectives foreseen in the Regulations and Statutes of the CAU.
  3. To obtain the sponsorship, the organizers of the activity should contact the Board of Directors of the CAU, through its General Secretary located in Buenos Aires, by means of a written / on-line application, at least 2 months before. of the date of its celebration.
  4. The applicant must be a member of the CAU (report that the CENTRAL HEADQUARTER must produce and contribute).
  5. If the scientific activity is not organized directly by an ASSOCIATION / SOCIETY that is a member of the CAU, it must have the sponsorship / endorsement of the local SOCIETY / ASSOCIATION BEFORE the CAU application to which the applicant belongs.
  6. The applicant must offer a clear benefit to CAU members (in the form of Scholarships).
  7. Once the sponsorship has been granted, the CAU logo must appear in all the announcements and in a hierarchical position corresponding to the CAU.
  8. The following points must be specified in the sponsorship application:
    ° Title of the Activity and date of completion.
    ° Summary of the Activity.
    ° Objectives of the Activity.
    ° Program of the Activity, with abbreviated curriculum of the Speakers and Organizers.
    ° Urological relevance of the Activity, with its novel aspects.
    ° Social relevance, if any.
    ° Estimate of people attending the Activity.
    ° Scope where the activity takes place (Local, National or International)
    ° Existence or non-collaboration of Farmaindustria.
  9. The CAU may make suggestions regarding the scientific content, as well as the format of the activity in order to improve its quality, if deemed necessary.
  10. The sponsorship of a certain activity does not imply any type of economic consideration or responsibility on the part of the CAU in relation to the organization of the scientific activity for which the sponsorship is requested.
  11. The CAU will establish the rates it deems appropriate for the granting of the sponsorship. For events with more than 100 registered, the organizing committee must pay the CAU the amount of USD 500 for sponsorship. For events with less than 100 registered , the organizing committee must pay to the CAU the sum of USD 250 for the concept of sponsorship. These fees may be exchanged for scholarships for members of the CAU. For events with more than 100 participants, the organizing committee must award 4 scholarships, for events with less than 100 participants, the organizing committee must award 2 scholarships. These scholarships will be offered by the CAU through the Administrative Secretary and on the website of the CAU.
  12. The CAU, through its website, will collaborate in the dissemination of the sponsored activities. The sponsorship of a certain activity will involve the use of the corresponding institutional badges and logo in a relevant situation and highlighted in all the documents (leaflets, program) of the Activity.
  13. The positive evaluation of an activity and the granting of the CAU Sponsorship only has effect for said Activity on the proposed date. If the same Activity is repeated on another date and / or with other contents and / or authors, you must reapply for the CAU Sponsorship.
  14. The CAU undertakes to answer the request for each activity within a period not exceeding 1 month.
  15. The decision of the Board of Directors of the CAU is sovereign. Although before your decision and resolution you can submit a written appeal within 15 days.
  16. For the publication of the contents, you must take into account the number of words according to the content, it is also advised that you can have a title and textual content that captures the attention of the reader so that it can be visualized.
  • Short title that captures the reader’s attention
  • The publication can have 300 words or two paragraphs
  • A main image or cover of the publication (1024x577px)
  • An image in the content inside (780x580px)