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Working group endourology, laparoscopy and robotics

Endourology, laparoscopy and robotic work group

Dear Friends,

Upon assuming the coordination of the Working Group of Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotics of the CAU, last November, I maintained personal contact with you to invite you to join the group. I noticed that everyone showed enthusiasm about the possibility we have of working for the evolution, dissemination and dissemination of Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotics among our colleagues.

It is time to transform suggestions into ideas, ideas into plans and finally to execute them. Although 4 years seems like a lot, it will surely be insufficient to fully achieve our objectives, and we must prioritize our attention to strategies that include a greater number of urologists, mainly seeking to meet the needs and supply the training deficiencies of each urologist and each Member of the CAU, with its particularities, deficiencies and privileges, in a process of integration and inclusion, for the benefit of our specialty.

The problems, we all know them: the growing difficulty of obtaining financial support from the industry and the disparity of access to technological evolution, ethical, dignified and adequate training, and continuing education programs of excellence in the different countries that make up the CAU, with disparate political-economic realities. It is saying that a “scientific Board” of academic excellence, involved and committed, without adequate financing, will not be able to perform miracles.

We will have to find the solutions, or look for them without ceasing.

In relation to the demands of the members of the CAU, I believe that the result of the survey conducted by Dr. Javier Angulo will be able to offer us important information on where to direct our efforts.

In relation to the annual conferences of the CAU, each year we excel in scientific and organizational level, I think we should expand and elaborate even more tutorials, possibly “Minimally Invasive Surgery”, encompassing topics of laparoscopy, robotics and endourology, with more time in relation to the laparoscopy of Punta Del Este. The dedication to the elaboration of a comprehensive and complete program for the Cancun – Mexico congress, should be paramount, with our friends, Dr. Mariano Sotomayor, president of the scientific commission and Dr. Victor Enrique Corona, active member of this work group. I think we could extend this tutorial model to other events of participating CAU societies that wish to do so.

In relation to continuous training in laparoscopy and robotics, as you know, Brazil has an IRCAD headquarters in the São Paulo city of Barretos. Already in contact with Dr. Marcos Tobias-Machado, member of our working group and IRCAD, we plan an annual training course for residents or young urologists in Latin America, to be held at the ICARD. We are looking for sponsors to offer the course at no cost to the participants.

Improvement and expansion of the courses of minimally invasive surgery, in e-learning format, as we had spoken with the executive committee of the CAU in a meeting held in Punta Del Este.

Increase the contributions of our group, helping to enrich the website of the CAU and Spanish Urological Records with your comments, publications, protocols, research papers, etc.

Resident exchange programs, as clinical observers, for services that complement deficiencies of their residence of origin. Our service is already available at the Dr. Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho Cancer Institute in Sao Paulo.

I would like to emphasize that, although the implementation of Robotic Surgery in our countries happens little by little and faces difficulties and resistance, we must persist in its diffusion and viability.

Any idea or suggestion will be more than welcome. I am sure that with the involvement, enthusiasm, work and participation of all of this group, we will succeed.

Finally, I want to thank all those who agreed to share with me this challenge, the doctors Joan Palou; Juan Antonio Peña; Kenneth Palmer; Marcos Tobias-Machado; Victor Enrique Corona and Rafael Sanches Salas. A special thanks to Dr. Hugo Dávila, Secretary General of the CAU, for his support, trust, friendship and for the summative manner with which he leads the course of the CAU, and Dr. Humberto Villavicencio, who invited me 2 years ago. to participate in this new universe, fraternal and enterprising, which is the CAU.

A hug!

Hamilton Zampolli
Coordinator of the Working Group
Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotics