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Scholarship Regulations


1.1. The objective of this office is to offer and facilitate the urologists CAU members the possibility of carrying out some training stays in centers of excellence, in order to improve their professional skills and implement them in their place of work. The scholar must become an emissary of the acquired knowledge.

2.1. Being a senior resident or specialist in urology (with a maximum time of 10 years from obtaining the degree) unless the scholarship to which you are applying, make some specific mention in this regard.

Documents that must be sent in PDF format:

2.2. Urologists must submit a document certifying at least one year as a member of CAU.

2.3. Residents of the last year must present a document certifying that they are a member of the CAU.

2.4. Document accrediting good oral and written level of the English language, except in cases in which the institution to which it applies, has a specific requirement regarding the official language of the country to which it belongs.

2.5. Send Curriculum Vitae (CV).

2.6.Send the vouchers that support the CV information (diplomas, certificates, etc) and they must be sent in the same order in which they were listed in the CV; these will be grouped in a file that has the initials of the applicant and that in the same title it is mentioned that they are the vouchers, for example, the Pedro Gutierrez Hernandez file must be titled “PGHcomprobantes”.

Important: Not respecting the order of the format or not supporting your application with vouchers, will cancel your scholarship application.

2.7. Letter explaining the reasons why you want the scholarship.

2.8. Submit two letters of recommendation that include the Chief of the Service where the applicant works, in case the applicant does not work in an institution, it must be issued by the President of the Urological Society of the Country to which he belongs and the second letter must be from a CAU member.

2.9. Send “letter of commitment” specifying that at the end of your CAU scholarship, you will present a document explaining your experience in order to publish it on the CAU website and / or a paper for your presentation at a CAU Congress.

2.10. The applicant can only apply for a maximum of 2 scholarships per year, but can only benefit from one per year.

2.11. All applications must be made through the CAU scholarship office, unless otherwise indicated in the “notes” section of the scholarship to which you wish to apply.

2.12. The applicant must have participated in one of the last two annual CAU congresses.

2.12. The applicant must have participated in one of the last two annual CAU congresses. 2.12. The applicant must have participated in one of the last two annual CAU congresses.

3.1. All applications to apply for any of the training stays available to CAU according to the list of scholarships section, must be sent by email to the CAU central office ( ).

3.2. Characteristics of the electronic mail:

3.2.1.The “subject” of the email must be: CAU scholarship application “name of the scholarship”.

3.2.2.The email must attach the 7 documents (from 2.2 to 2.8) listed in the second section of this document entitled “essential requirements to access the CAU scholarship.”

3.3. The period for submitting the application will depend on the date specified for each grant. Outside this period, applications are not accepted and will not be reserved or on the waiting list for the next cycle or any other location.

3.4. Applications for stays other than those proposed by the scholarship office will not be accepted.

3.5. The analysis of the applications and consequent assignment of the candidates will be made public no later than two months after the deadline for delivery of the documentation.

3.6. Assignments will be communicated via email to accepted candidates, and will be published on the CAU website.

3.7. Urologists who were not winners will also be informed by email, so they can send documentation if they wish, applying to another location, according to the provisions of point 2.9 of this document.

3.8. VERY IMPORTANT: In case the winner of the scholarship does not answer within a maximum period of 30 consecutive days from the date of mailing / notification, it will be considered to reassign another winner.

4.1. Quien haya recibido una Beca CAU, independientemente que hubiera sido o no respaldado económicamente, deberá remitir al finalizar la misma, un documento que resuma su experiencia (expresado en el punto 2.8). En el mismo deberán constar algunos aspectos como: el interés y la utilidad de la estancia formativa. Este informe debe ser remitido a la Sede Central de la CAU ( antes de los 3 meses de haber finalizado su Beca.

4.2. Este documento podrá ser publicado en la página web CAU y/o se presentará en algún Congreso CAU. Separadamente se utilizará su información para mejorar algunos aspectos concretos de cada estancia formativa basados en sus comentarios.

4.3. No cumplir con este requisito en el período establecido en el inciso 5.1, causará baja al individuo como miembro de la CAU, y se reevaluará su situación específica por el Secretario General solamente después de entregar el documento solicitado.

4.4. CAU se compromete a otorgar un documento que respalde el tipo y tiempo de duración del entrenamiento que fue realizado.

5.1. In cases where there is an economic endowment, the specific information about it will be given directly by the CAU Treasurer to the scholarship recipient.

5.2. CAU is not responsible for scholarships parallel to those offered and listed on the CAU page.