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On May 24, at 8:00 p.m., the SBU launches another continuing education program for associates: O Pulo do Gato, with a demonstration (video) of robotic surgery, tips, counterpoint and expert comments.

The first edition will feature the presence of Dr. Lucas Batista as moderator, Dr. Rafael Coelho as presenter and Drs. Anuar Miter and André Berger as debaters.

“All surgeries involve technical and tactical aspects, especially when the surgeon has to overcome some difficulty imposed by the peculiar situations of each patient, and the most experienced surgeons always share the way they face these challenges. This project aims to facilitate this exchange of information and experiences”, highlights Dr. Alfredo Canalini, president of the SBU.

“The robotics experts will discuss the details of the surgery shown and give tips that demonstrate the surgery itself. We will combine the knowledge of the participants with the exemplification in the video of the surgery. Everyone will be able to interact by asking the participants questions”, adds Dr. Lucas Batista.

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