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Resident’s Office

Dr. Fernando Santomil

First Forum of Residents of the CAU – CAU Bolivia 2017

On Wednesday, October 18, during the 2017 CAU Bolivia Congress, in Santa Cruz, the First Forum of Residents of the CAU will be held.

The organization has given us 90 minutes to display an interactive activity among residents and professors of the CAU.

The objective will be for residents to present research papers and then discuss with the panel teachers the content and conclusions of these works, as well as the design of the same.

Several teachers have wanted to be present, like Drs. Gutiérrez J., Torrico M., Palou J., Secín F. and Santomil F., to share the best academic climate.

Residents of the different CAU societies that are interested in participating must send a summary of the work, until August 31. We will select 5 papers to be presented.

The reference email:

Days 2015

Between December 10 and 12, 2015, in the City of Mar del Plata, Argentina, the XXX National Conference for Physicians Residents of Urology and IX Latin American Conference for Physicians Residents of Urology. The best works presented in the different modalities – free works, posters and videos – were awarded. Drs. Hugo Dávila, Ana María Autran and Fernando Santomil were sworn in.

Award-winning works

1st Prize oral work:

Utility of music for pain reduction during cystoscopy: A prospective trial.

Becher E.; Esquenazi G.; Hernandez Y.; Nolazco J.; Carrillo M.; Rentería L.; Santillán D.; Romeo A.; Lozada J.; Tirapegui S.; Jaunarena J.; Olivares A.; Tobia I.; Dantur A.

Urology Service, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1st Mention oral work:

Toothed polyglycate versus polyglactin. Comparison of pressures in renal suture: experimental model

Silvano F.; Koll E.; Nevado G.; Krause S.; Move N.; Lacour F.; Ferraris F.; Longo E.

Medical Complex of the Argentine Federal Police Churruca Visca. Buenos Aires, Argentina

2nd Mention oral work:

Prevalence of castration-resistant prostate cancer. Descriptive study of patients with pharmacological hormonal block.

Terol, E.G .; Nazar E.A .; Lodi, P.E .; Arribas Gómez, D., González, G.A .; Penida, A .; Santomil, F.

Urology Service, Private Community Hospital. Mar del Plata, Argentina.

1st Poster Award:

Nutcracker syndrome: a rare cause of “idiopathic” hematuria.

Montero F.; Alanis J.; Morriello C.; Tibaldi N.; Manassero R.; Domínguez R.

Urology Residency Unit “HIGA Gral. San Martín”. La Plata, Argentina

1st Prize video:

Description of most frequent errors in the initial experience in laparoscopic nephrectomy of the residents of the Malvinas Argentinas hospital.

Paesano N.E.; Seeber G.; Basualdo M.A.; Macchi J.M.; Barreiro S.; Monard Gardiner J.

Hospital of trauma and emergencies “Dr. Federico Abete “, Malvinas Argentinas, Argentina.