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History Office

History allows us to know the human relationships with each other, their relationship with the environment through time and helps us to build our future. It seems important to us that the CAU continues to point out the path traveled to date by contributing institutional events typical of each country, as well as transcendent urological activities in our Ibero-American world.

We assume in charge of the Office of History of the CAU with the commitment to continue what was started by distinguished urologists who preceded us to record the events that occurred in our institution, which is increasingly being affirmed as one of the most important at the urology level world.

As a recognition of the work done by prominent members in favor of our institution, we will publish a summary of their works. We are collecting information from all the countries that make up our Confederation, for which we will send a form of questions from the institutions that allow us to appreciate their origins and evolution over time.

We are very attentive to the presentation of historical urological contributions that you can send us to have them in our database and publish them in accordance with the evaluation and approval of the authorities of our institution.

The current CAU website keeps us well informed and is allowing us to have a clear idea of ​​what is being carried out in the Confederation, the events that happen every day are being registered and already belong to our history, therefore, we invite to review it periodically.

We do not want to end without first thanking the Executive Committee for our appointment and the previous members of this office such as Doctor Norberto Fredotovich, who in addition to having organized a history session at the CAU Congresses, has also released books in relation to the history of urology that hopefully in the future can be accessed allowed by the web

Juan Corrales, Jaime Abad, Carlos Fajardo and Tomas Olmedo

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