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The objective of this office is to offer and facilitate the members of the CAU, the possibility of conducting training stays in centers of excellence, and that they can be part of different academic instances such as courses, symposiums, conferences and congresses, with the purpose of improve your professional skills and implement them in your workplace. The scholar must become an emissary of the knowledge acquired.

Within the framework of fulfilling the mission of the American Confederation of Urology (hereinafter CAU), regarding the Exchange and Rotation of Residents through the granting of Training and Research Scholarships, this AGREEMENT is signed.

In Buenos Aires, March 1, 2023, on the one hand, the CAU, represented by its General Secretary, Dr. Alejandro R. Rodríguez and the Director of the Scholarships Office, Dr. Marcelo Torrico, and on the other the Service of Urology of the Fleming Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina, represented by Dr. Gustavo Villoldo, agree to enter into this AGREEMENT by which the receiving institution officially becomes the Academic Training Center of the American Confederation of Urology:

1- The Alexander Fleming Institute undertakes to receive 2 former residents/young urologists affiliated with the CAU for a period of 1 year to carry out a Fellowship, where they can increase their knowledge in the specialty. The selection will be of 2 urologists and 2 substitutes, in case any of those selected cannot take the position.

2- The number of annual Scholarships will be 2 (two).

3- The respective former residents will be selected according to the Bases published on the website of the CAU Scholarships Office, following the protocol approved by the Board of Directors and the requirements of the receiving Institute. Since it is a healthcare and surgical activity, applicants for the position must have a medical degree and a specialist urologist degree granted in the Argentine Republic, or their respective revalidations. Unfortunately, urologists who cannot practice the profession in Argentina will not be able to register. (It can be found at the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Republic: extranjeros or at

4- To comply with it, the Alexander Fleming Institute will receive notification of the young urologists appointed, through the CAU Headquarters, and will make a final analysis of the necessary documentation to practice in Argentina and sign the fellowship contract.

5- The start date of the Scholarship will be from 01/July/2023 to 30/June/2024

6- Registration will be from 01/March/2023 to 30/April/2023

7- The candidates will be interviewed during the month of May 2023, subsequently selected by the authorities responsible for the CAU and the results communicated between June 1-7, 2023

8- The CAU undertakes to provide this Scholarship with a maximum economic amount of US$2000 (two thousand American dollars) for its transfer to the receiving country.

9- The Alexander Fleming Institute undertakes to provide the selected urologists with their corresponding salary, while the scholarship lasts.

10- At the end of it, the Resident agrees to submit a report to the CAU Scholarship Office.