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Gastrointestinal symptoms seem to be uncommon in patients with COVID-19 when compared with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

It is estimated that rate of gastrointestinal symptoms would be higher in patients with COVID-19

This is essential !!!

Patients with SARS could discharge SARS-CoV in their stool up to 73 days after symptom onset, the stools with the virus became the resource of contamination of airdrops and a variety of environmental surfaces, which may contribute to the clusters of infection

1) Attentions should be drawn in digestive symptoms and stool or rectal scwrab tests for patients.
2) Further enforcement of preventive education and publicity on hands washing and bathroom infection.
3) Surveillance and adequate disinfection in latrines in areas with
severSARS-CoV-2 infection to avoid fomite transmission.

He et al,  Journal of Infection 2020